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Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Dance, Electronic

Members Emile Stanton

Describe Your Sound

As a person with very different tastes in electronic music, I found it difficult to develop my sound as I had many influences to draw upon. However, despite my love for all types of electronic music, I find myself consistently drawn to trance. Trance has the ability to lift the soul and elevate the mind. My sound is based on a trance element however I try to incorporate hard beats drawn from other influences.



Emile Stanton


My love for the decks began at a very early age, when I had the opportunity, I spent as much money as I had on getting the set up perfect for me. My brother was my influence, he introduced me to the likes of Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy etc. He always encouraged my mixing. Sadly, in 2013 he passed away. He was a driving force behind my love for music, and the only way I could express my emotion during such a time of loss was to produce.


Career Highlights

My first (and only) highlight was finishing one of many projects, which I hope to drive to an official release.

Current Activity

Looking to emerge and share my sound.