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Indigo Walrus

Years Active 2018 - Present

Genre Indie, Soul, Funk

Portia Gebauer
Mark Wong
Aiden Stingemore
Philippe Kilpatrick
Khazia Wong

Describe Your Sound

Lush indie sensibilities with a fondness for a nasty groove. Funk jams as well as dreamy and introspective tunes.



We are a family band, everyone is someone's best friend's cousin's roommate. We started as a four-piece in 2018 experimenting with different sounds over living room jams, and intertwining our wide range of influences. It became clear that Aiden was the missing piece to tie it all together and since then have been a family of five.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Artic Monkeys
Florence and the Machine

Career Highlights

Releasing our debut single and EP in 2019
EP launch at the Rosemount
RTRFM's Freo Winter Music Festival in 2019
Mojo's Big Boxing Day Gig 2019

Current Activity

Gearing up to release our latest single 'Field of Paradise'. In the meantime, we have been fleshing out a backlog of rad new material.

Releases by Indigo Walrus


Gin Logic

Field of Paradise


Indigo Walrus