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Iron Cypher

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Rock,Hip Hop

Members Maali - Lead Guitar/Vocals Blunt - Bass Guitar/Emcee Dan - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Jack - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Perth’s ONLY Rock/Rap Band.No Dj’s. No Samples.A 100% original band.Blunt on the Mic and Bass! Maali Shredding the Lead! Dan Layin down the Rhythm! Jack kickin the drums!



Douglas Waddell


In 2012 multi-instrumentalist producer Maali and emcee Blunt begun working on a new Rock Rap blend of music unlike any other blend of the two genres heard before! In 2014 the pair finally released the debut album titled "Give Em The Axe". Since then they have formed a full band, have stuck to their guns and continued to gig fortnightly in Perth meanwhile still working on new material for the upcoming album, the soon to be released "Burn After Listening".


Too many to list but specifically hard rock, metal, grunge and classic 90's hip hop.

Shared Bills With

Flying Embers, Frigit Digits, Transnational Crash, Lady Bigfoot, the Artfuls, Dirty Feels, When Autumn Falls, Kimura, Patient sixty-seven, A Sinister Calling and many more!

Career Highlights

Releasing the debut album and gigging hard locally.

Current Activity

Working hard on finishing the sophomore album "Burn After Listening"

Releases by Iron Cypher

Give Em The Axe