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Years Active 2015 - 2020

Genre Electronic

Members Joseph Havlat, Eddie Havlat, Peter Havlat, Isabella Gellis, C

Describe Your Sound

Our sound changes a lot, but the only album we’ve released so far is at least self-contained in its genre. This is how we tried to describe the album:

Black midi meets corporate muzak meets something else. We are honestly not sure how to describe this album – it’s the jepic culmination of about 5 or 6 years of work scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel of good taste for residue, sometimes even going further and just dumping spadefuls of musical dirt into DAWs and other unfortunate programmes (mostly Sibelius 6 – we coerced our obedient baby into producing the unholiest of sounds).



We are 3 brothers and a fiancée so it was a family matter. We were making music anyway so we just decided to monetize it. C names everything.


Shitty mockups of crappy film music. Gutter-grade musical theatre tunes. Dull mainstream pop and EDM. Classical music. Literally anything, we have no standards.

Shared Bills With

We don't perform live as this band.

Career Highlights

Making all the above stuff, and getting paid for making all the above stuff.

Current Activity

We're making a second album of slightly more serious electronic music.

Releases by JEP(ic)