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Joe Who?

Years Active 2014-

Genre Roots, Indie, Rock

Members Jozef Jan Sochacki

Describe Your Sound

I don’t really know how to describe my sound I find this question awkward.. so just have a listen and work it out for your self



Jozef Jan Sochacki


my friend sam.


jack white, angus and Julia stone, the waves, sticky fingers, the NBHD, chet faker, there are so many but I feel like these are enough to get an idea.

Career Highlights

just being able to play music in front of the people who have enjoyed my shows at local venues, if I can engage a person in any situation emotionally with my music, that is a highlight.

Current Activity

at the moment I'm working hard trying to save money to finish my ep, so giging isn't a priority for me for the next month or two, however I wont turn any down that I am offered.. just not seeking any out via email.