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John Bannister and the Charisma Brothers

Years Active 2000 - Present

Genre Jazz, Blues, Indie

Members John Bannister, Howard Shawcross, Stuart James, Mark Ralph, Charlie Ferraro, Peter Bull, Almin Fulurija, Guy Douglas, Priam Bacich, Djamel Ait Chickh

Describe Your Sound

Smokey Jazz and Blues with a touch of Bossa Nova, and Latin..



John Bannister started the band after a long career in a variety of different bands having started performing in indie bands circa 1986.


Indie music, Jazz n Blues...etc.

Shared Bills With

Hunters and Collectors, Painters and Dockers, The Eurythmics, Abdul T J, The Neville Brothers, Bundhu Boys, Sanddra Bernhardt, Kim Wilde, Painters and Dockers, Letterstick, Full Fathom Five, The Zydecats, Steve Tallis, The Marigolds, The Stems, The Neptunes, Soukous Kembele, The Triffids, The Go Betweens, DIG, The Kampfert Zone

Career Highlights

performed in Jakarta in 1993, Performing with Hunters and Collectors,
Neville Brothers, The Eurythmics,

Current Activity

Performing locally at numerous venues....

Shared Members With

The Lager Frenzy, AMC, Shangara, David Hyams, Flywheel, Majestic Kelp, Stu Orchard, Mambo Chic, Simon Kelly, Charlottes Web, Northern Lights, Errol Tout, The Fat, The Love Pump, The Beat Bong Maniacs, King Wasabi, The Venus Girl Traps, The Mariachi Brothers, The Waltones, The Burger Kings, The Waltons, The Quatermass Experiment,

Releases by John Bannister and the Charisma Brothers

John Bannister and the Charisma Brothers

Live at Ellington Jazz Club

Live si Soiree

Live at Gypsy Tapas House