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Josh Ellis

Years Active 2016-present

Genre Pop, Rock, Indie

Members Josh Ellis
Jonny Morris
Caleb Cheng
Harry Playford
Issai Quintana
Gus McKenzie
Riley Klugg

Describe Your Sound

I’m not gonna lie, kind of saddening in a few songs, but all songs have a positive outlook on either a bad event or something that sucks. The song’s can also be inspirational depending on how you listen to them.



I usually play gas solo but in the band i play with we are all school mates and formed through school, we are all friends so the chemistry on stage is so mint, we all love each other and it's a dream playing music with your mates.


Career Highlights

Playing at the indi bar or icea, having people know some of yours songs is insane, and at iCEA a few people knew the tune all I know.

Current Activity

The band is primarily focussed on school, but i'm gigging as much as possible to get my name out into the world.

Releases by Josh Ellis