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Years Active 2016 - Present

Genre Indie, Rock, Pop

Members Ben McCarthy, Lindsey Claridge, Rleanne Evangelista, Philip Lochner and Chris Grunwaldt (past member).

Describe Your Sound

Like a pop-punk, shoegazey emo dream. Grungey noises and soft guitar tones with howling vocals and sweet melodies.



Rleanne Evangelista


Chris started the band up in 2015, found Rleanne on tinder and got Lindsey involved. Found Ben floating around the internet and he clicked in with our groove in our first jam session. Chris left us end of 2016 (RIP) and we recruited Phil into our little band fam.


Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Turnover, Seahaven, Pavement Built to Spill

Shared Bills With

FLOSSY, Cellophane, Teen Angst, Oslow, Hannahband, Shit Narnia, Hip Priest, Turtle Bay Television, Last Quokka, King Kodo, Catwalk, Furniture, Fox Scully, Effy's Trip, Dear Soldier, Government Yard, The Jump Doubles, Daisystain, The Limbs

Career Highlights

Playing a backyard gig with Oslow and Hannahband, opening up the Hen House for WAMfest and we're gonna be performing at Hot Freaks this year!

Current Activity

We're currently polishing off some songwriting for our second EP this year.

Research conducted by: Rleanne Evangelista

Releases by Joys

Joys EP