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Just Pacific

Years Active 2015-present

Genre Rock, Punk/Hardcore

Members Caleb Rocca- Vocals Miles Green- Lead guitar Ethan Churchill- Drums Declan Catterall- Violin Josh Young- bass

Describe Your Sound

A rock band with an alternative element of a violin which contrasts the band’s Rock roots. The use of countermelodies and interesting influence by the violin sets the band apart from the others in their genre



Josh initially was rejected to join an existing band which inspired him to create his own, acquiring his mates who played instruments (Caleb,Miles and Ethan) they formed under the name "Pacific". Around a year into their rock ventures they added Declan Catterall to the band, The missing piece of their alternative rock puzzle, To signify their new sound (and due to legal reasons) they changed their name to 'Just Pacific'.


Punk and Hard Rock influences such as The Living End, Royal Blood, Iron Maiden and The descendants.

Career Highlights

A highlight of our career as a band would defiantly be the time we played at a competition on a 42 degree day then proceeded to play a gig later that night at the carine.

Current Activity

The band is currently working on new songs and is set to release their upcoming single "caffeine" in the next few weeks!

Shared Members With

Why even try, Figure head, Pacific Tide and The dons to name a few