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K Ridge

Years Active

Genre Rock, Blues

Members Kieran 'Kridge' Ridgway Stefan 'SAAW' Aydon White Amy Muir Codie Sundstrom Riley Sutton

Describe Your Sound

70’s Rock ‘N’ Roll sound with a mixture of Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones



Kridge Originally started as a solo artist and eventually collaborated with SAAW to create some groovy 70's rock n roll.


Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Dire Straits and The Who

Career Highlights

The release of his latest EP "On the run.."

Current Activity

We are currently working on an album

Shared Members With

Dark Coast

Research conducted by: Kieran Ridgway

Releases by K Ridge

This is Life - 2016 - On The Run.. EP - 2017 -