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Kenny Austin

Years Active 2014-

Genre Rock, Folk, Roots

Members Kenny Austin - Lead singer and guitar Priam Bacich - Lead guitar, backing vocals Cathi Olivieri - Viola Malcolm Mah - Bass and keys Jason Fernandez - Drums Tani Walker - Backing vocals David Webb -Percussion

Describe Your Sound

Kenny Austin’s music is highly original. His raw and energetic performances and the collective musical genius of his band create unforgettable songs and shows. Kenny’s music can be both punchy and powerful, with strong rhythm as well as emotive and melodic.



Hana Jestribek


I've been lucky to find the right musicians to play my music.


My influences have always been U2 and Pearl Jam.

Shared Bills With

Tani Walker, Eli Schoen, The Cold Acre, Stuart Orchard Band, One Tiger Down, Dilip and the Davs, Moana

Career Highlights

Playing at Hidden Treasures, a sold-out live recording album at Kidogo, releasing the current single, Summer Residency at The Odd Fellow...and many more to come!

Current Activity

We've just released our first mastered single, and we have a lot of new material coming out this year. Stay tuned.

Shared Members With

Mooj, Dashleys, Tani Walker, Bucket, Mardi Picasso.