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Years Active 2015 - present

Genre Hip Hop, Electronic, Indie

Members Josiah Wong

Describe Your Sound

Most of my style is inspired by UK music and underground artists I have met and our styles have merged, but overall most of my songs (to be released) use scales commonly heard in oriental/eastern music as it is what I have grown up listening to.



Josiah Wong


Was bored.


Not many within Perth but out of Australia; artists such as Thomas Jack, Alison Wonderland, Flume also smaller artists I know personally such as TheDiabolicalWaffle, Darby.

Shared Bills With

Collaborations with:
Whimsy (USA)
Mikey Vee (Australia)
Ocoenia (USA)
Whyandotte (USA)
Lee Claxton (USA)
Kaia (Australia)
Byron Green (Australia)
Interwoven (Netherlands)
NVTHVN (Philippines)
mich (Australia)

Career Highlights

Started Modern Odyssey (Record Label) [2017].

Current Activity

Working on an EP (and a remix album for said EP) and an album.

Releases by Khangzar


Title: Sea of Belonging (ft. Whimsy)
Label: Modern Odyssey

Title: Let Me Leave (w/ Ocoenia & Mikey Vee)
Label: Modern Odyssey