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Kid Dingo

Years Active 2014-2015

Genre Pop,Rap,Hip Hop

Members Kid Dingo (Shai Martin) - Tunes, Raps, Production, Keys, Vocals Brodie Stewart - Production, Keys Pete Forgus - Production, Drums Matt Schmalkukke - Bass Synth Dom Barrett - Guitar

Describe Your Sound

A bombastic brand of pop music with progressive tendencies, roots in multiple music traditions and fresh AF raps.



Natural selection.


Chance the Rapper,Alfalfa (Adelaide),Allday (Melbourne),Jackson Jackson (Melbourne),Kanye West, Remi Kolawole (Melbourne),James Blake,Kendrick Lamar,Tigran Hamasyan,Joey Bada$$,No Name Gypsy. I mainly listen to and practice the craft of an MC. However I was trained in classical music, and studied jazz music at uni. My parents brought me up around folk music. I'm constantly inspired and constantly being schooled by all these traditions.

Career Highlights

Making "Icarus".

Current Activity

Mainly I'm just chilling and trying to write tunes. As soon as I write a super-banger it's straight back to the studio :)

Releases by Kid Dingo

Icarus, 2015 - available via Bandcamp soon.