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Killian Harty

Years Active 2 years

Genre Pop, Rock, Indie

Members Killian Harty Nikki D'Agostino

Describe Your Sound

A mellow acoustic undertone with funky base beneath popping lead guitar, playful synth keys and an up tempo beat with clean vocals paves the way for good vibes and a modern twist on an old school sound.



Killian Harty


I have been playing music since I was 7 years old. For my recordings I have collaborated with a number of Fremantle's finest musicians who I have played with over the past few years.


MGMT David Bowie Pulp Blur Lou Reed Leonard Cohen The Rolling Stones The Doors

Shared Bills With

Koi Child The Galloping Foxleys

Career Highlights

Headlining at the Blazing Swan Festival where we recorded a music video which we finished in Fremantle.

Current Activity

Originally from Ireland where he grew up close to the west coast. Killian has continued his passion for music and water sports in Western Australia. His music draws on a wide range of influences from Irish folk, classic rock, britpop to punk and the work of other singer songwriters such as Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. He can often be found performing around venues in Fremantle where he now lives.

Releases by Killian Harty

Generation Hipster

May 2015