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Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Electronic, Experimental

Members Richard Pienaar

Describe Your Sound

Very mood dependant & polarised.



I was mainly inspired by Syrebral around 2010-2011. Great guy, and I always wanted to do what he did!


Euph, M-One, Moorziey, The Immersed, Kermodo & Ylem.

Career Highlights

The wicked reception to my "Freeform EP". This album took ages to perfect and i was stoked to see my hard work pay off. I'm still proud of the tracks to this day so something must have gone right!

Current Activity

I'm currently looking to produce my first label release in many years, whether it be a remix for someone else or an original. The sound I'm striving towards now is that of Mojo, Kyle Cook & pretty much the rest of terrorythm recordings. I also have a variety of more chilled tracks in progress too.

Releases by Kobalt

I Need To Know EP (Free Download) Freeform EP (Extended) (Free Download) You can find those on my SoundCloud.