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Years Active

Genre Electronic, Experimental, Dance

Members Bryce Gough

Describe Your Sound

I create electronic music mainly using vocal cutups and other little sounds to create my own unique sound. I believe you can take something very basic and create a masterpiece with it just by cutting it into smaller pieces.



Bryce Gough


I used to be in a hardcore band called Adora Heights, when we broke up I started playing with recordings and sounds, which was when I created my Self Titled EP. Since then, my style has improved greatly.


Flume, Blackmill, and a few other chill artists. A lot of my recent influence comes from listening to the radio and picking different things I like the sound of to try and adapt my sound.

Career Highlights

I have played a few hours parties where I got really well complimented on my music.

Current Activity

I'm releasing a new album in January, it is going very well so far as I am taking it a lot more seriously this time. I have a launch show planned, CD's and Tshirts getting printed, as well as me trying to finish some final tracks.

Releases by Krypt

Evolution (Album)


Ups And Downs (Single)