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Laurel Fixation

Years Active 2012- present

Genre Indie, Folk

Members Madison Evers - guitar and vox occasional accompaniment by Sam Atkin on synth

Describe Your Sound

broadband confessional autisticore
a hannah montana guitar and social anxiety
sad but like….fun sad



started out of desperation, kept it up for the attention, settled in for the communication


the internet, w##d, asymmetrical skills development, tactile stimulation, holographic stickers, fat bodies, haircuts, and amber fresh

Career Highlights

EP release, playing to 20-odd kids by accident at a sunday afternoon bowls club gig, real people really telling me that they really actually like my music which i make (best part), playing round a fire to a bunch of perth friends in melbourne

oh and one time i played in amber's backyard and was technically on the same bill as multiple members of tame impala and pond sooo

Current Activity

very hesitant self-promotion and surviving the summer

Shared Members With

my Frustrations aka sam atkin has also released a solo EP and is the guitarist for Shit Narnia a Popular Perth Act

Releases by Laurel Fixation

Small Discomforts EP released by Workplace Safety CDRs, 20/2/2015 listen/purchase at