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Le Mezz Club

Years Active 2005-2014

Genre Indie, Funk, Rock

Members Mike Kenny, Michael Slade Damien Chamizo John Talati Al Borthwick Cameron Stack Jesse Stack Gio Carlini Dave Deeley Ana Mattocks Dave Brewer Matt McGlynn Will Lawrie Bill Christensen Will Langdale Vincent Buchanan Nathan Tempra Louis Anastas Yann Vissac Louis Trouchet Darcy Gunning Blake Hart Sam Newman Mitch Mack Trevor Richards

Describe Your Sound

Lyrical rock mixed with a naive Jazzy house style, combining a modicum of funk, through to acoustic folk and classical styles



Mike Kenny


From a loose ensemble of jam-addicted groove Meisters who record the oft under-appreciated tuneful tomes emanating from the magical mezzanine. All these toones are actual impro'd jams sans any form of rehearsal and live. Commenced circa early 2000's by one Microphone T Kenny, the irregular jam soirees have waxed and waned but lately they been piecing together rather nicely!!


Style council Groove Armada St Germaine Bootsy Collins Nick Cave Triffids Laughing Clowns Hunters and Collectors Jamiroquai The Reels The Models Police The Cure Antibalas Prince Tim and Jeff Buckley Eurythmics Stone Roses Queens of the Stone Age Angelique Kidjo Echo and the bunnymen The Specials Funboy three REM Talking Heads

Shared Bills With

Kate Cebrano, Grace Knight, Dave Brewer, Lucky Oceans, Grace Barbe, Dilip and the Davs, Natalie Gillespie and David Hyams, Alex Borthwick

Career Highlights

Rottnest concert with Kate Cebrano and Grace Knight.
Fremantle Arts Centre concert for the Greens Launch with Grace Barbe, Dilip and the Davs, Natalie Gillespie and David Hyams,
Mojos Hustle Hustle gigs
Funk Club gigs
Norfolk Basement with Venetians and Il FIasco
Rottnest concert with Il FIasco
Two Fly by night fundraising concerts with Dave Brewer, Lucky Oceans
Fremantle music centre concerts
Little Creatures Loft with Alex Borthwick Peter Stafford
Xwray gigs

Current Activity

Wanting to properly record an album, rather than the practise room live recordings, and commence gigging with it.

Shared Members With

Dave Brewer Band Mechanism Armani Consort Kashikoi Koi Child Wah Trees Sunshine Brothers Hideous sun demon

Releases by Le Mezz Club

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