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Years Active 2012 - current

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Rock

Members Benny Ward Leeroy Glenny Salter

Describe Your Sound

Short. Fast. Chaotic. Punk. This is a fairly accurate summation of LEECHES!, from Perth, Australia. They’ve influences from the golden era of 80’s skate punk, with a nod to the world of fast, maximum rock ‘n’ roll. Imagine if someone greeted you with a handshake, yelled at your face for 45 seconds, gave you a hug, screamed a little more, then gave you a little nod and a grin and casually moved on. This is probably the most in depth description of LEECHES! I can give.
….fuck this, I can’t think and listen to LEECHES! at the same time….it’s driving me nuts.
I’ve been trying to write this bio for about 5 minutes now whilst listening to their forthcoming debut album ‘LORDS OF DULLSVILLE’, and before I’ve even had time to figure out where the fucking caps lock button is for every time I need write the word LEECHES!, I’m already onto track 4. The sound of this mental chaos has made my bung eye start to leak large amounts of fluid, and my liver thinks I’m an alcoholic, though I haven’t had a drink for weeks. Bloodyfuck! I feel like someone has inserted a blown speaker inside my head and I’ve had a kilo of dexies inserted into my anus.
LEECHES! will do that to you, godammit.



Glenny or Benny


Over a few beers.


Too many to list...

Shared Bills With

Many great local bands... Too many to list. Frenzal Rhomb Cosmic Psychos Me First and the Gimme Gimmes The Subsonics The Misfits I Exist Nebraska Gay Paris

Career Highlights

Playing with so many great bands.
Touring the Rott release over East.
Touring Lords of Dullsville in Indonesia.
RTRFM Feature Album of the Week!
People buying our record.

Current Activity

We just finished recording for an upcoming split with local band - Agitated. Out soon! We are in process of writing for our next album due out later in the year.

Shared Members With

We are past / current members of: Screwtop Detonators The Trevallys Wizard Sleeve Atolah Sharon Atticus Finch SafeCity

Releases by LEECHES!


'Lords Of Dullsville'

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