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Lincoln MacKinnon & The Wrecking Train

Years Active

Genre Rock, Country, Blues

Members Lincoln MacKinnon James Winwood James Dolan Duncan Strachan

Describe Your Sound

Sometime assassin, sometime saint, Lincoln MacKinnon mixes uplifting choruses, searing emotional power and a barely contained menace to produce his own brand of rock…with a tinge of Alt-Country/blues.



Lincoln MacKinnon


Hailing from Melbourne Australia, where Lincoln previously fronted The Legs and Dead River Deeps, Lincoln relocated to Fremantle where he formed the Wrecking Train (made up of other Freo locals).


Bruce Springsteen, The War on Drugs, Janis Joplin, The Band, Kurt Vile,

Career Highlights

Releasing first studio album LITTLE BY LITTLE A LITTLE LATER.

Current Activity

Lincoln is now back in the studio working on his next album 'Sparks Will Fly'.

Releases by Lincoln MacKinnon & The Wrecking Train

Little By Little A Little Later