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Years Active 1985 to present

Genre Folk, Pop, Country

Members Solo artist who performs with an array of accompanists

Describe Your Sound



L!lburne has been writing songs for more than forty-five years. He has been recording material for more than thorty years but only in the last decade started performing consistently in venues in and around Perth.


Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Lou Reed, John Cale, The Beatles, Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The blues in general, The great American songbook and Classical music.

Career Highlights

Launch of Ghosts (Kulcha, July 2011) in an eight piece band and the Fringe World 2012 performance 'Campari Kid and the Siren of the Squeezebox(Bakery Feb 8 2012) in a band with Cathy Travers, Phil Bailey, Pete Grandison and Pete Smith.

Current Activity

L!lburne is currently developing a duo with pop-jazz-opera singer/diva Sam Ray to perform under the name L!lburne|Ray. The rep focuses on L!lburne original songs but includes a selection of American song book classics.

Shared Members With

The Bandits (Cover band active 2016-2017 as bass player). I play with an array of session musicians and solo artists including: Phil Bailey (Snakefish/Nick Turner Conspiracy?Dugites/Roccaderos), Cathy Travers (solo artist/Travers + Glenn Rodgers, Snakefish, Magnetic Pig), Pete Grandison (The Rogues/Devils on Horseback), Pete Smith (Dammit Janet), Abe Dunovitz (Funkadellos), Jennifer Tingley (Tingley-Turner), Sam Ray, Rueben Kooperman (I Don't Love You Harry/Rich and Famous), Jim Fisher (Sensitive New Age Cowpersons/Road Band/Bungarra et alk), Ben Franz (The Waifs).

Releases by L!lburne


Against the Odds