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Lofty Heights

Years Active 2014-Present

Genre Soul,Hip Hop,Jazz

Members Conan Greenway- Guitar Brodie Stewart- Keys Joe Powell- Bass Gregory Brenton- Drums

Describe Your Sound

Lofty Heights is the inquisitive cat looking into the world of music and finding an unlimited amount of string to play with. Not bound by a lifetime of pre-learnt constraints, the naive cat is happy unraveling and messing with the metaphorical string.The brainchild of Conan Greenway, Lofty Heights has evolved several times over the past few years, birthed as an instrumental groove band playing regularly in Leederville it progressed to a modern jazz band and finally to its present incarnation where compositions are created in a free thinking environment with creative vocal beasts



conan greenway


Lofty Heights miraculously appeared out of the ether.


Sid Pattni Ta-Ku

Career Highlights

Nominated for a WAM (No. 1 on 22 Tracks)

Current Activity

Working towards our new EP Launch.

Shared Members With

Future Entity EDDE S.O.X Trent-Jean

Releases by Lofty Heights

Ja Boiya


Apple Gustard fest.Chelsea Cullen


Lilly feat. Trent Jean


The Changing Face of Lofty