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Years Active 2014 -

Genre Rock, Pop

Members Chris Miller - guitar/vox Alex Mills - Bass Nick Mckenzie - Guitar Mark Tabone - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Aggressive surf pop party rock?
I’m not sure. Its introspective but dance-able!



Alex Mills


We all jammed for fun every now and then and one day we all found eachother without bands and in the right mood. Shared appreciation for the Sunnyboys, Wipers and Black sabbath helped.


Grim Fandango, Order of the black werewolf, The Critics.

Shared Bills With

Order of the Black Werewolf, Yokohomos, The Painkillers, Chainsaw Hookers, Fucking Teeth

Career Highlights

Snake run EP release at 459. it was a perfect show. Or anytime we get to play with Order of the black werewolf or Grim fandango. Or our album being local music feature of the week by a little radio station called RTR.

Current Activity

Jamming heaps. Getting the next batch of songs ready to record in June/July. We love the feeling of falling for a new song. Or when it all connects in a jam room. The anticipation of playing a good show. The excitement of playing a show. We are hungry for more of all those things

Releases by Loners

Snake Run