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Years Active 2012 to present

Genre Hip Hop, Electronic

Members Adam Stepanovski

Describe Your Sound

Organic/Electronic, Dancefloor/Living Room, Introverted/Extroverted



Always loved music and had my heart broken too many times by bands without the same amount of dedication that I was willing to put in, so logically producing was the right fit for me.


Naik was a big one. I played drums for his live show for about 4 years. Really learnt a lot from that dude. Phetsta has also been someone I've learned a lot from.

Shared Bills With

Playing with Naik, theres been so many people that you just wouldn't believe your sharing a stage with, but off my own back we're gonna have to wait and see.

Career Highlights

Getting my production to a level where I think theres something good in
it, and having an optimistic view of the future of my music.

Current Activity

Got an EP in the works which will feature 'Great Coffee' and 'Who was that' from my Soundcloud page

Shared Members With

Doesn't matter - I want my tunes to be recognised for what they are with no pre-conception.

Releases by Lowaski

Paperchain Beats Compilation

Watt Hertz Sampler