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Years Active 2015 - Present

Genre Electronic

Members Bensen James

Describe Your Sound

Expansive electronica with a focus on soundscapes, dichotomised by personal and expressive lyricism.



Bensen James


Ludodowwn began as a bedroom sound experiment, but as a few tracks began to grow into hours of music, it developed a creative demand that Bensen James felt needed expressing to an audience.


Air, cLOUDDEAD, The Knife, Suicide, Grouper, Fennesz, Flying Lotus, Holly Herndon, Beach House, J Dilla

Career Highlights

Ludodowwn is still in its very beginnings, but the highlights so far have all been creative ones. Just making things that people are excited by, and working with masters like Andy Lawson (mixing @ Debaser) and Will Bowden (mastering @King Willy Sound).

Current Activity

Ludodowwn has just began to play shows, but is also working on the debut EP, set to be released early 2016. There are also video clips and other fun things on the way, too.

Releases by Ludodowwn

Big World


Spit & Lead