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Years Active 2014 - present

Genre Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental

Members Vocals under Luminary, production under Addy Bishop (same person)

Describe Your Sound

A conscious, innovative, American-influenced take on Australian hiphop filled with relatable messages and clever wordplay.



Originally rapping under the title ‘Notes’, a change in style and a development in my person after a few ‘life experiences’ left me wanting a change in my artist character. Along with not having money to purchase instrumentals with licences and rights, or time in a professional studio, self-teaching began on production, recording, and basic engineering methods. I started writing raps aged 13, and began trying production at 15; and now, at 22 years old, I feel a growing interest in working with those around me and feeling like I have a message that needs hearing.


As a child, my dad used to play everything from Public Enemy to David Bowie, from the Clash to Duke Ellington - I’d say my base interest in music stems from this. More recently, specifically for my music, I would say my main musical influences would be Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Kendrick Lamar, Jon Bellion, and films such as The Intouchables, and 8 Mile.

Career Highlights

Self-taught production, recording, mixing, mastering, promotion, album artwork, videography and editing.

Current Activity

Currently trying to network with more artists in the Perth area, and working on my first self-produced EP under the Luminary/Addy Bishop monikers.

Releases by Luminary









Debut EP (released under ‘Notes’) LONG WALKS & SHORT CLIFFS’