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Years Active Started September, 2014

Genre Indie, Roots, Pop

Members Henry Clarke, Ed Stroud, Toby Barker, Hector McMountstreet

Describe Your Sound

Lutonomy is a project spawned by Stillwater Giants lead singer, Henry Clarke.
The music is the harmony of acoustic guitars and driving synth bass lines, sprinkled with light pop melodies and indie beats.



Henry Clarke


Solo project started by Henry Clarke once he surfaced from hibernation after a cold winter in the Arctic Circle


Julian Casablancas, Tallest Man On Earth, PNAU, Roy Orbison...

Shared Bills With

Stillwater Giants

Career Highlights

First Single release - 'Neon Lightswitch'
'Neon Lightswitch' debuting at #21 on the Triple J Unearthed Overall Charts, #6 on the Pop charts and #8 on the Indie charts

Current Activity

Apart from trimming their bonsai trees, Lutonomy are planning: - Second single release - Late February 2015 - Debut EP release - March 2015 - Writing new material

Shared Members With

Stillwater Giants Meadow Leopard

Releases by Lutonomy

Debut Single: Neon Lightswitch / Independent / 2014 / Buy