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Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Electronic, Rock, Pop

Members Laith Tierney Yaegar Strauks

Describe Your Sound

Mashing the sounds of Hip Hop, Industrial, New Wave and Modern Pop this album is designed to work it’s way in the hearts and minds of the underground and mainstream alike.
Tales of heartbreak and lust, nihilism and self-improvement. The tracks blend sincerity with subversion, the suggestive with the saccharine.



Laith Tierney


Yaegar Joined Fear of Comedy in 2013 just in time to record on their last album. During this period it was clear a strong song writing partnership was forming with Laith. The pair decided to leave Fear Of Comedy and within a month were performing as LYTS.


Abbe May Tomas Ford Wisdom2th Trash Madonna Heytesburg

Shared Bills With

Heytesburg Wisdom2th Harlequin League Intrasonic

Career Highlights

Releasing our debut album within the first 6 months.

Current Activity

Working on album number 2. Networking on the east coast and over seas.

Shared Members With

Laith : Fear Of Comedy, Bible Bashers. Yaegar: Delta Force

Releases by LYTS