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Mac Diarmada

Years Active 2018

Genre Folk, Roots, Indie

Members Andy Kermode

Describe Your Sound

An acoustic based folk/roots genre that is quite raw and true. I’ve always struggled as to what kind of genre I fit so please feel free to let me know!



Andy Kermode


I've been playing and writing my own music since I was 16. Only now at the ripe old age of 34 am I starting to actually have a crack at self recording and releasing and promoting myself.


I grew up listening to my Dad on the piano, so Billie Joel, Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel,along with my own influences of Eddie Vedder, Matt McHugh, James Taylor and quite a few more

Career Highlights

When I was performing under my old name 'Ipcus' I supported Dave Mann on 2 occasions.

Current Activity

I'm currently casually employed as a carpenter/maintenance at a resort in Dunsborough. I moved back down this way to be closer to my son and have a crack at trying to become more a musician than a carpenter.

Releases by Mac Diarmada

Crooked Mind