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Magnolia Jones

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Rock, Soul, World

Members Skye Fitzgerald (vocals/keys) David Hayhurst (guitars/vocals) Eliot McCann (bass/Chapman Stick/vocals) Dave Stanwix (percussion/vocals/guitar)

Describe Your Sound

MJ run the gamut- from evocative etheriality to emotive soulful balladry to driving grooves to hard edge rifforama.



Skye and David were operating as a duo, and Stanwix and McCann insinuated their way into the fold through various nefarious means. A shared passion for good food and wine was certainly a great help.


The influences of the band are eclectic and diverse- befitting the many-faceted musical background of the group. Songwriters such as Carole King, Warren Zevon, James Taylor to more unusual sounds as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Todd Rungren can be detected.

Career Highlights

We're about to have one with the impending release of our EP "Tasting Plate" at the Velvet Lounge on 28th November.

Current Activity

We're about to release our EP "Tasting Plate" at the Velvet Lounge on 28th November. Then world domination shall swiftly ensue... ;)

Releases by Magnolia Jones

"Tasting Plate" Debut EP (Released Nov 28th 2014)