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Years Active 2015-

Genre Rock, Indie, Blues

Members Nicko Marie, Zac Potter, Brandon Stockbridge, Reed Troup, Aron Lazaridis.

Describe Your Sound

“MAJUMBA’s music sees a diverse range of influences thrown into the mixing pot, resulting in a tantalising sound that could find itself at home in any genre, or, more fittingly; none.”
-Pilerats, 2016

A combination of Alternative Psych Rock and indie Rock/Pop. The band play a variety of songs from screaming guitar heavy numbers to gentle, upbeat dance-alongs. MAJUMBA truly have a sound of their own.



MAJUMBA formed in 2013 in Perth's northern suburbs when Reed Troup (drums) gathered friends Zac Potter (guitar/keys) and Aron Lazaridis (guitar/vocals) into his small garage to jam. The following year, Nicko Marie (guitar/vocals)joined the band on bass to complete the lineup. In 2016, Aron received an offer to study his dream degree in Sydney, and with that Brandon Stockbridge (bass/vocals) was drafted in to fill the void. With the change, Nicko Marie dropped the bass and picked up a role on guitar to lead the band.


Tame Impala, The Strokes, Sticky Fingers, Foals,

Shared Bills With

Great Gable moistoyster The Durongs Marlinspike Segue Safari The Desert Sonnes Palm Soma Girl York Turtle Island

Career Highlights

Jack Rabbit Slim's Jam-boree 2,
'Leaving/Bleeding' Single Launch @ The Rosemount,
Live and Local 89.7fm Appearance,

Current Activity

Currently Recording debut EP.

Shared Members With

Lunar Whales

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Groovin' Juice