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Mambo Chic

Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre World/Global, Pop, Funk

Members Hogany Nyatsambo, Stu Orchard, Geraldine Rey, Arvis Mena, John Bannister, Djamel Aitchikh

Describe Your Sound

The band plays its thrumming, spirited, groovy infectious pop and reggae-soul on a predictably broad range of instruments – cue the mbira, hand percussion, brass horns, keys, along with the killer tight traditional drums and bass-driven rhythm section.



Geraldine Rey


Soon after Géraldine featured at the extravagant "Bastille Day" night of Devilles Pad in July 2011, Josh Collins asked her to come back with a band before the end of the year. Already jamming with Hogany Nyatsambo (former Shangara Jive member) and local multi-instrumentalist Stu Orchard, the band was formed in a couple of weeks and started to write its first original songs. The band performed under the name of TABAS.CO for two years, before being kindly asked to change their name by the famous hot sauce!


Grace Barbé, Simon Kelly, The Isolites

Shared Bills With

Daniel Champagne, Tomas Ford, Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Tom Fisher & The Layabouts, The Aunts, Valiant, Los Porcheros, Dear Hella, Simone Taylor, Zara Huts, etc.

Career Highlights

Singing in French, Shona, and English, the band have been busily treading the boards of WA and east-coast venues over the last couple of years, playing a broad range of clubs and festival events, setting feet tapping and hips swinging wherever their gypsy talents wander. Highlights of 2013 include being the main act at the Araluen Fremantle Chilli Festival and the mini tour in Melbourne.

Current Activity

Releasing first EP "Nyoka Musango" and writing the next full album!

Shared Members With

Shangara Jive, The Charisma Brothers, The Funkalleros, Dilip N' the Davs, etc.

Releases by Mambo Chic

Nyoka Musango EP

November 2013

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