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Mara Ellis マラちゃん

Years Active 2016-present

Genre Indie, Rock

Members Mara Ellis

Describe Your Sound

Idk but it’s pleasant to me but idk about you



Mara Ellis


Something about bees idk my mum did tell me one time


Nicholas Allbrook Bon Iver Beach House Rabbit Island

Career Highlights

I did an open mic night at Gypsy Tapas House once.
But otherwise my highlight was recording my album Discourse of Hummingbirds because of what it meant to me, Siren, Flower Crown and Discourse of Hummingbirds I am so very proud of and therefore are my, in my own opinion, highlights.

Current Activity

I am in the process of writing a new album, 4 songs have been recorded, that I hope detail the state of humanity, and the things that make us human. Dunno about the title but hope to get this done by Autumn 2018.

Research conducted by: Mara Ellis

Releases by Mara Ellis マラちゃん

The Blurred Vision of Reality


Take Me Away From Here ここから の 私 離れて 取る


Discourse of Hummingbirds