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Years Active 2015 - Present

Genre Rock, Roots

Members Dean Amato, Adam Round, Jaxon Boin, Tone Bourke, Chris Mackenzie, Harry Harrison.

Describe Your Sound

Alternative roots rock, with an modern vintage sound.
John Buttler meets Pearl Jam



Dean Amato


Dean Amato and Adam Round have been playing music together since 2003, in and out of bands of all types. In 2013 Dean had just returned from a 12 month trip around OZ with 2 albums worth of tracks and Adam had just started a new studio, so what better way to catch up then record an album.


Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Mike Patton, Alabama Shakes, Walk of the earth

Career Highlights

Soulfly, CAKE, Pre shrunk, Birds of Tokyo, Down side.
Winning wams, playing triple crown.
won songwritter in 2004.
busking at bluesfest Byron bay.

Current Activity

Marto is about to go back into the studio for album 2.

Shared Members With

Imprint. Farmacy. Perfect day Dyslexic Fish

Releases by Marto