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Years Active 2017

Genre Electronic, Indie, Rock

Members Mayhills

Describe Your Sound

Perth-based artist Mayhills is interested in carving out his voice by exploring the space between contradictions. Creatively, he’s most at home somewhere between the organic and the electronic – between intensity and serenity. Performing a unique brand of rock-tinged electronica with a range of digital and traditional instrumentation, his goal is simple: to connect with others in a world that seems increasingly disconnected from the creation of honest art.



Drew Mayhills




Battles, Chemical Brothers, Bonobo, Telefon Tel Aviv, Deftones

Shared Bills With

Phillip Drummond (USA). Beni Bjah. Soma. Coerce. Jay Skulka. Creed Birch. Sid Pattni. Cow Cablin. The Boost Hero Man. Watcher. Nathan J. Rob Shaker. Dardyazz. Lincon. Sega. PT MC. Laidlaw. Jack The Sloth. Yarhkob. DKW. Souldeff. Sickadash. Kelloggs. Shaantibot.

Career Highlights

Not fucking up live - harder than it sounds when I'm the whole band and literally playing live (fingerdrumming/live jamming the tracks, not pressing play and looking intense - with all due respect to that.) I'm two shows deep. I love that in playing the tunes out I'm creating huge opportunities for things to go wrong - it's what makes for a compelling show.

Current Activity

Right now, I'm curating an eclectic and inspiring collection of reinterpretations for 'Post Romantic Remixed,' a remix release featuring the likes of Feels, Phaseverbs, T-Yo!, Whumps and other WA-based artists who have kindly agreed to reimagine the tracks from my debut release 'Post Romantic.' Part proceeds will go to support the efforts of the WA Deaf Society. Besides that, wrapping up the writing sessions for my next EP due out March 2018 and rehearsing with my live band to bring a new level of physicality to the show.

Shared Members With

Antistatic, Sleepwalker, Hope Here Gone, Celladore. A misspent youth playing in rock and alt-metal

Releases by Mayhills

Post Romantic



Post Romantic Remixed