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Years Active 2014-current

Genre Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental

Members MELO

Describe Your Sound

New wave mixed with old school hip hop, not really a general genre
I love doing everything I can infused with hip hop, from chilled sunday sesh
type rap to original 90s rap style. I am a versatile artist who wants to be a “jack of all trades” if you wish.



Yasmin Ihab


I started writing music since the age of 10, not long after being able to write fully composed songs by the age of 13. really delved into Writing rap in high school, however suffered a little setback due to extensive bullying. Essentially after school once I giving a single fuck about what people think of me, I revamped this journey and have been making music since.


My influence range from a different bunch of artists and genres from Ray Charles Robinson to J cole. If I had to compile a small list id say; Ray Charles Bobby Caldwell J cole Jay Z Nas Biggie 2pac Mac Miller Jay electronica Anderson Paak

Shared Bills With

Otiuh and Hyclass (opens) Adrian Dzvuke (Opened for RC) Headliner Gig with Racka Chachi (frontman) Cortext

Career Highlights

First gig at jack rabbit slims was a movie, and myself and racka chachi
are headlining MOJOS for RTRFM winterfest which will be awesome.

Current Activity

Currently in the midst of my next project "Melonin" looking to drop at the end of the year with a couple of lead single drops beforehand. Currently in the works with 3+ features from both Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

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