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Mind Canary

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Indie, Folk, Rock

Members Conal Savins, Jake Savins, Christina Curran, Emily Verschuer, Guy Craft

Describe Your Sound

Commercial Art-Pop



Conal Savins


At the very dawn of time, when the earth was just a star, a large bearded man placed an egg in the blackness. That egg was Mind Canary. Upon hatching, the giant yellow bird did summon forth a guitar, and did play into existence the great symphony of life. After composing all that is and ever will be the canary did lay to rest for a billion years in the belly of the earth. Now! Arisen from slumber and incarnated the canary begins the next stage in the quest for spiritual enlightenment and metaphysical self-actualization against a nightmarish landscape of apocalyptic doom.


The Drones, The Panics

Shared Bills With

Zyklus, Pony, James Atles, Hello Colour Red, Leure, Mudlark, Little Skye, The Lammas Tide, Something Humble, World-A-Fuzzy, Hundred Acre Wood, Nevsky Prospect, Joni in the Moon, Catlips, Dream Rimmy, SpaceManAntics, Silver HIlls, Lilt, Eloise Ashton, Ben Witt, Mai Barnes, In Orbit, Sinead O'Hara

Career Highlights

Playing in the inaugural Big Splash Competition, gigging at the Bakery for Deer Santa, playing the Rosemount, Mojo's and YaYa's, recording and releasing our debut EP. Joni in the Moon single launch, BIg Splash 2013 and 2014, Deer Santa at the Bakery.

Current Activity

We have just released our EP digitally and will be launching it soon

Shared Members With

Ibis Elm, Tenderbeast, Eukaryotes

Releases by Mind Canary

Mind Canary EP

Independent Release 2014

Mind Canary(EP)