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Mining Tax

Years Active

Genre Electronic, Experimental, Folk

Members Alex Griffin - vocals/noises Mitchell Henderson-Miller - synths/noises

Describe Your Sound

“Ocker Suicide(al) kraut-punk. Fat Kev and the Contortions?”



Loosely formed around late 2012 after meeting through mutual friends/The Music Scene. Played first gig at Mystery Fest in April 2013 as part of the ongoing Real to Reel project.


Primitive Calculators, Systematics, Suicide, Severed Heads, Absolute Body Control, Tactics, Essendon Airport, Asphixiation, Informatics, Devo, John Maus, TISM, The Fall, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Brian Eno, Chris Knox, Crash Course In Science, David Van Tieghem, Platypus Freaks, Fabulous Diamonds, Eleventeen Eston, Astral Travel, Kirin J Callinan, Conny Plank, D.A.F, Cluster/Harmonia, Kraftwerk, Iggy Pop, INXS, Nun, The Triffids, The Go-Betweens, Midnight Oil, Johan Timman, Cabaret Voltaire, Marc Barreca, Ohama, P-Model, Woo, Sam Atkin, SPK, This Heat, Total Control

Career Highlights

Furchick, Shit Narnia, Pool Boy, Golden String, Kitchen People, Leafy Suburbs, Bahasa Malay, Regular Boys, Childsaint, Hip Preist, Suburban & Coke, Verge Collection, Laurel Fixation, Hideous Sun Demon, Catbrush, Pissedcolas, The Fruity Whites, Mei Saraswati, Sam Atkin, Peter Bibby, The Sperts, Bikini Cops, Solar Barge, Gilbert Fawn, Hayley Beth, Catlips, moistoyster, Dennis Cometti

Current Activity

Will most likely be taking 12 months off due to Alex moving to Melbourne and Mitch moving to Japan.

Releases by Mining Tax

Mining Tax