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Years Active 2018-Current

Genre Indie, Electronic

Members Jack Spencer Arbuckle & Joshua Chan

Describe Your Sound

Indie synth pop with elements of electronic and jazz influences, and experimental vocals.



‘Miraud’ is the brainchild of Joshua Chan (Demon Days) and Spencer Arbuckle, two Perth musicians who have been part of the furniture in the Perth Scene since they played their first gigs in 2016. Separately the two have enjoyed their own personal successes with their debut projects. Josh obviously being a cornerstone of the Neo-Soul steam train that is Demon Days, who have toured Australia twice, and snatched sets at Falls Festival and Groovin The Moo recently, with an EP on the way it doesn’t seem like things are slowing down. Nationally they are on everyones radar, and have now signed a deal with ‘New World Artists’, a huge move forward for the group. They have set the benchmark in Perth for the Neo-Soul genre. Josh individually has been an integral part of the writing for Demon Days and has taken his production knowledge to the next level recently, producing tracks for ‘Your Girl Pho’ and ‘Kopano’. Spencer has spent more time in the studio and travelling recently to meet like minded artists abroad and set the groundwork for a move to Melbourne. He has been met with wide acclaim in the Perth scene for his Nu-Jazz, Dark Synth Pop songs that create a live show that takes many twists and turns. With his huge vocal range many mistake recordings of the vocalist for two different singers, and with a live set that can move from solo emotive songs of loss, to full band distorted songs of frustration, to Flute based lounge numbers that comment on day to day analyzations, he’s refreshingly unpredictable. With rave reviews coming from New Yorks ‘The Revue’, and much airplay in North America and Europe. In late 2017 supporting ‘Nai Palm’ (Hiatus Kayote) alongside Josh in Demon Days, the milestones are mounting, Spencer will be releasing new music late this year/early next year. The joining of the two musicians was something that came about ridiculously quickly. In February of 2018, Josh sent Spencer a track he thought Spencer would suit, after previously having conversations at gigs entertaining the thought that one day the two should collaborate. Spencer came back with the vocal track In March and that was their first demo completed. This was the beginning of an exciting collaboration that went from 1 song to 3, to a 7 track album that is now polished for people ears. In a matter of months, Chan and Arbuckle became certain that this shouldn’t be a flash in the pan collab, it should be the beginning of a whole new project. The writing process steamrolled, bouncing tracks online to each other pretty much daily. Then recording with Nick Ireland at Poons head Studios in East Fremantle and having an enjoyable photoshoot with fellow Perth artist George Foster and Selina Bell, it’s all come together faster than your usual Musical venture. The two are also taking mixing and the artwork and design into their own hands, adding to the authenticity of this unique project. The rush was mainly pushed by the fact that Spencer was to be relocating to Melbourne in June, where the duo plans to play in the not to distant future before returning to Perth for the 2018/19 summer to gig with a full new 6 piece band. Now that the album is all done, the pair have locked in their first gig supporting partners in crime Demon Days when they hit Melbourne for their EP tour at The Gasometer on September 7. THE NAME The name ‘Miraud’ was conjured up by Arbuckle as he knew the two both bonded over a love for old school rappers ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ and their album ‘Midnight Marauders’. He then found that if spelt with an ‘i’ instead of an ‘a’ ‘Miraud’ (instead of ‘Maraud’) means short sighted in French, which both Chan and Arbuckle suffer from, being dependent on their specs. The double meaning was funny and relatable and the two agreed to go with it. The album consists of 5 songs and 2 instrumentals, covering topics like Artificial Intelligence in ‘A.I.’, toxic masculinity in ‘soft’, a friends battle with coming out to his parents in timothee and themes of mental health issues spread throughout the entire album, creating a listening experience that exposes the vulnerabilities of Spencer and his thoughts and comments on the world today and the people around him. The title of instrumental ‘the night is on my mind’ pays homage to the pairs name ‘Miraud’ as it is a reference to the opening lyrics of A Tribe Called Quests’ song ‘Midnight’ on the album ‘Midnight Marauders’. Josh and Spencer plan to continue their collaboration soon after the release of this album writing new songs and beginning to play live shows with a band at the end of the year. The brainchild of Demon Days' Joshua Chan and Spencer Arbuckle, Miraud is the meeting of two minds who've been kicking around the Perth music scene for a couple of years now. Chan has been setting stages alight with Demon Days for a while now as they become one of the state's more buzzworthy acts, whilst also dabbling deeper into production for the likes of Your Girl Pho and Kopano. Simultaneously, Arbuckle has been carving a name for himself with an exciting live show and darker, nu-jazz sounds, recently taking to travel and growing as a strong artist in his own right. Earlier this year they began swapping ideas, which quickly expanded into already having a full album under their new moniker Miraud due for release this August. Across seven all-too-brief tracks, the pair will take you on a tripped-out journey into the abyss, with some down-tempo and left-field beats, woozy synths and dreamy soundscapes coming together for one of the most unique new sounds we've heard in some time. The fact it all came together after only getting together at the start of the year suggests the two have a pretty great little connection going on, and we're looking forward to seeing it evolve into a live beast as well once Arbuckle moves back to Perth later this year from his current home in Melbourne. - Pilerats


Salami Rose Joe Lewis, Homeshake, Soft Hair, Jerry Paper, Mild High Club, LA Priest, Crumb, Erykah Badu, Jamilla Woods

Shared Bills With

Our first gig is with Demon Days on September 7 Individually we have both supported well known artists such as Nai Palm.

Career Highlights

Releasing our debut album after only collaborating for 5 months

Current Activity

Writing another album and getting a full six piece band together, as well as collaborating with a well known producer from Chicago 'Billy Lemos' who is sampling some of our tracks into his work.

Shared Members With

Demon Days, Spencer Arbuckle, Izatang, Your Girl Pho, Noah Dillon, Kopano

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