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Mister Wolf

Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Indie, Folk

Members Kurtis Payne Cobie Mason Rory Coleman-Heard Mason Vellios Danny Chirkoot

Describe Your Sound

Armoured with an array of textured melodies, quirky hooks, swooning vocals and an impending debut release, the group is primed to charge into the thriving artistic culture that awaits



After formation in early 2013, Cobie (vocals/guitar), Mason (keys/vocals), Kurt (guitar), Danny (bass/vocals) and Rory (drums/vocals) set about writing and recording, while regularly taking to the stage at some of Western Australian's more favoured local venues. The group progressed rapidly, with their music broadcast on both local and statewide radio programs


Matt Corby, Karnivool, The Rubens, Muse, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear.

Career Highlights

Current highlights would be reaching the State finals of the NCBC, alongside the self recorded and soon-to-be-released debut E.P.

Current Activity

Currently based out of Perth, Western Australia Mister Wolf is avidly writing new material to prepare for their E.P launch and beyond. Shows in abundance as well as visual media, new recordings and interesting times ahead!

Releases by Mister Wolf

"Tricky Timing" E.P. Launch: Join