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Momin Deen

Years Active 2008-2016

Genre Folk, pop, indie

Members Just sessionists

Describe Your Sound

Pop-ish, Melancholic at times. Being bipolar it’s hard to keep up with one track! But my main forté is probably my melancholic representation.



Momin Deen


It was a frustrating day, failures, after failures. So I picked up my guitar and just wanted to release my feelings. I shouted lyrics after lyrics, and whilst doing a cover (little wing), the camera keeps on rolling and eventually one of my songs (Pry) was released, and that got me into the scene.


The usuals, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Marc Bolan. But, most importantly, the environment of the Australian scene.

Career Highlights

Performing in Malaysia at NBT, full house. It was the scariest feeling ever, I doubted myself, threw up many times, shaky. As my name got announced, I strolled down like Sinatra and got a wonderful reception from it.

Current Activity

I am in process of recording my second album "insomaniac". Basically an album of what I am as a person who is suffers insomnia, and borderline bipolar.

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