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Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Electronic, Experimental, Dance

Members Mat Moore (Myself)

Describe Your Sound

Future Bass and electronic music.  Putting my spin on a thriving type of music



I have always been interested in music and how everything came together. The reason I started writing my own music rather then be in a bad was because I can write and make what I like, not what other memebers want...


Jump the gun Palace Slumber jack sable Ta-Ku many more

Career Highlights

Getting my first song out on a record label at the start of 2013

Current Activity

Currently in the studio. Between working and studying I hope to get my first ep finished soon, but until then I'm hoping to get some shows

Releases by Moorziey

Basslight Records


Moorziey - Becoming

[BLR024] 2013 Buy

Ochtone & T-One Frequency - Across The Drink (Moorziey Remix)

[BLR028 'Across The Drink'] 2014 Buy