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Morrie Beth

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Rock, Funk, Indie

Members Lachie Darby: VOX & Guitar Tyler Michie: Drums Shaun Liddell Jennings: Bass Brad Green: Synth & Keys

Describe Your Sound

Hard to define, the best we can do is garage/surf Rock with a funky jam rock feel.

No two tracks sound the same really but a number of influences are evident in all our tracks.

Some tracks have a foundation in blues with a poppy hook or heavy fuzz-oriented jam down.



Mayan Canes


The foundations of Morrie Beth began a number of years ago when one lonely boy accompanied by his guitar and Macbook began recording demos by himself. He then convinced one of his mates to buy a bass (with a little help from K-Rudd's stimulus package) and things began taking shape. It was soon realised a drummer was needed for us to tighten up and in addition some synth to float over the top and lighten things up. Now here we are.


We played a few house parties when we were starting out with FOAM, We Move Walls and a couple of times with Junior Jaws. More recently though we've headlined bills with Silver Hills, Apache, Mt Mountain and Old Blood.

Career Highlights

Our band launch at The Bird (2nd May, 2013) was sweet. It reached capacity at 9pm and there were a bunch of people lining up to get so that was pretty sick.

Current Activity

At the moment we're jamming on the ray and always on the prowl for our next gig. Also working on a few new tracks to unveil when we deem appropriate.

Shared Members With

Edie Green Old Blood These Winter Nights

Releases by Morrie Beth

At present we are yet to release anything concrete, but have a few recordings online and are looking to start recording an EP in the next six months.