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Years Active 2013-Present

Genre Electronic, Rock, Experimental

Members Meg Travers Skot McDonald Ian Collishaw

Describe Your Sound

“Like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Siouxsie and the Banshees with
a little Jules Verne.”

“Probably illegal, but awesome!”

Combining a punk DIY aesthetic of building their own instruments with the
high-tech world of software, MotET cover sonic territory from soaring
soprano ambience to roaring guitars backed by a mighty electronic rhythm

voll Poesie, voll Rhythmus
Bleep | Thump | Grind



Meg Travers


MotET were formed as an ensemble to perform for Meg's graduation >"recital" exploring the recreation of 1970's industrial music.


Industrial, electronic, EBM.

Career Highlights

Playing our original soundtrack to cult classic horror film Nosferatu to
over 2,000 people under the big screen in the Cultural Centre.

Flying to Carnarvon with NASA astronaut Andy Thomas to open the Space and
Technology Museum.

Drumming the burn of the effigy at Blazing Swan Festival 2014

Playing for international computer music academics at the International
Computer Music Conference club in 2013

Current Activity

composing music | building modular synths | writing software | playing live

Shared Members With

Ian... A Distant Carnival, Seventh Seal, ARC, Accelerated Men, Decoded Meg... Seventh Seal, Psychodrama, Bughunt SkoT... Sofa, Vellocet, Kremlin Grooving Boys