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Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Glenn Tobin (bass, formerly King Pig), Craig Tobin (guitar, formerly The Disintegrates) Bruce Matthews (drums, formerly King Pig, Volatine & Decoded).

Describe Your Sound

Drawing on numerous influences from Black Sabbath to Russian Circles, Hawkwind to Jesus & Mary Chain, to create a growling & accessible musical amalgam, incorporating voice-over loops, ghost harmonics, angular guitars with eclectic rhythmic directions.




Mark Neal


Been out of music for a while & just started jamming. Our first jam in a storage unit I own was closed down by the Council - party poopers!


Black Sabbath to Russian Circles, Hawkwind to Jesus & Mary Chain & a touch of Young Gods

Career Highlights

At this early stage, getting gigs as an original band in Perth is a highlight

Current Activity

Playing whenever & wherever we can - getting ready to head to the studio to record

Shared Members With

My first band was with Brian & Tony, who went on to be in Beast of Bourbon