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Muck House

Years Active 2013-present

Genre Rock, Punk/Hardcore

Members Michael Donnelly

Describe Your Sound

Overall, on the heavier side of rock. Lots of noise, lots of yelling. Politically minded lyricism. RATM have been a massive influence.

Debut track ‘Leech’ is definitely of the hardcore punk/alt. metal calibre which doesn’t quite represent my sound entirely. That’s just the way the song turned out and I’m okay with it!

Some slower jams, surf grooves and a bit of rap can definitely be expected.



I picked up the electric guitar sometime early 2013 and just started playing some simple punky things. After a year or so of trying to create with my housemates to absolutely no avail, I had a couple of power chords and some scrapbook lyrics I wanted to just go off and work with on my own. So, I started recording with an old work mate Darryn, early 2014 at Norman Solander Studios. Both Kingdom Come, Messiah and Leech were recorded and mixed within about 10 sessions with Darryn helping out on drums and some guitar parts and even sneaking in on didge at one point.


Too many to mention I'm afraid. But as I said above I will not go a week without listening to Rage Against the Machine. I think it may be an addiction.

Career Highlights

None as yet!

Current Activity

Writing, recording, staying motivated

Releases by Muck House


June 2014

Kingdom Come, Messiah

Nov 2014