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Years Active 2018 - present

Genre Rock, Metal, Pop

Members Bass: Michael Williams Guitar: Kal Englishby Drums: Daniel Schulze Vocals: Kristie Butler Past: Guitar: Adam Buckley

Describe Your Sound

Glam grunge rock you can dance to.



Kristie Butler


NEIN started as a jamming experiment, meshing different musical styles together. It worked unbelievably well and now we have a style we can call our own.


Betty Davis, Faith No More, L7, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Blink 182, Tool, Beyonce, Kvelertak

Career Highlights

Filling up venues when we aren't anywhere near headlining, getting radio play on triple J and RTR. The first time we heard the mixes of our first album Obstreperous - soon to be released!

Current Activity

Well as I type, we are self-isolating like good little citizens in the wake of the coronavirus. But we are busy planning for the future, and when we emerge from quarantine, we plan to finally release Obstreperous.

Releases by NEIN


Self released

Upcoming in 2020