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Years Active 2013 - present

Genre Indie, Rock, Pop.

Members Mark Neal - Guitar and vocals. Ben Macri - guitar and vocals. Nicole Clissa - Bass. Dane Knowles - Drums. Will Blackburn - drums (past).

Describe Your Sound

indie summer pop songs about cereal killers



Mark Neal


Mark and Ben's former bands played together a couple of times, both in Perth and in Bunbury, when both bands to long breaks they turned to each other and filled the void by combining their solo projects. Nicole and Will joined the band soon after, they recorded their first single and did some shows around Perth and their regional hometowns (bunbury and Albany). Will moved to Sydney, Dane Knowles left Emperors, and filled his drumming void by joining Odlaw.


Black Rebel Motorcycle club, The Love Junkies, Brand New, Machine Translations, DD Dumbo, The National, Pixies, Peter Bibby, Emperors, Real Estate, Manchester Orchestra, Waves, Cage The Elephant,

Shared Bills With

Dan Cribb, Like A Thief, Sidewalk Diamonds, Skullcave, The Floors, Scalphunter, Mossy Fogg, HYLA, Arts Martial, Custom Royal,

Career Highlights

playing a Xmas party, getting a good drink rider at Bunbury shows,

Current Activity

Recording our debut CD, gonna put it out in 2015 sometime

Shared Members With

The Words, Minute 36, Emperors, The Disappointed, Generals & Majors,

Releases by Odlaw


Self released / 2014


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