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Once Almost Never

Years Active 2013 - Current

Genre Punk,Hardcore,Metal

Members Jordan Hood - Lead Vocals Joshua Rocca - Guitar Ashton Bell - Guitar, Backing Vocals Patrick de Rooy - Bass Conor Richards - Drums

Describe Your Sound

A colourful mixture of upbeat, punky riffs, entombed by an overall heavy sound and blended with those sweet, brutal breakdowns.



Some guy in a pizza shop who plays guitar met another guy in the pizza shop who said he could play drums, to this day he still claims he can. After going through line up changes, they heard of this guy at another pizza shop with interesting vocal abilities and took him in. This pizza shop trio decided that they were going to make a band to play awesome music. Some other members joined and left until the trio found some guy with lots of guitars and other equipment, needless to say he joined immediately. Then some other guy who just happened to have a bass showed up at practice and no one has ever questioned it, so he stayed. And the fun-loving and heavy sounding quintet have been creating music ever since.


Escape The Fate,In Hearts Wake,Enter Shikari,The Amity Affliction,Parkway Drive,A Day To Remember,I Killed The Prom Queen

Career Highlights

One time at a gig, there was free beer for the bands.

Current Activity

Writing new music,Recording new music

Releases by Once Almost Never

Don't You Wonder


An EP For All