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Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Experimental

Members Garth Orthman

Describe Your Sound

Orbita is a solo project by Garth Orthman. Orbita at full warp is a pulsing wall of sound underpinned by thick bass heavy tribal rhythms. When he drops it back the sounds can take you on a beautiful hypnotic ride through the cosmos. Orbita is something quite unique with songs that blend a range of influences, from ancient instruments to the very latest in music tech, the sounds and songs of Orbita aim to create a musical landscape to be lost in and genre is no barrier to this journey. This is music made from the heart, a pure expression of one mans being. He really hopes you like it as much as he enjoys creating it.



Garth Orthman


I was originally in a duo called the Wire Forest that played experimental electronic music. Unfortunately a change in geographical location forced us to split to pursue our own solo efforts. I began Orbita early 2013 and have greatly enjoyed writing songs slightly "heavier" and more rhythmic compared to my past bands.


No gigs for orbita just yet but when in the wire forest we played with. Grafton primary, Dukes of winsdor, Tangled thoughts of leaving, the Silent world, Orgeny and the cautious horseman.

Career Highlights

Playing at the rosemount was good fun. Also an improvised hour long set at the x-ray cafe was a very fun night.

Current Activity

Studying sound engineering and working as roadie for cybernauts records. Took some time off to revamp my live show and figure out how to play songs that require four arms with just two. All good to go now and will be looking to gig as much as possible.

Shared Members With

The Wire Forest, Flint

Releases by Orbita

Everything is free on my sound cloud account and was released earlier this year.